A Cube Threatens Legal Action Against Netizens for Defamation

A Cube Entertainment, representing popular girl group A Pink and soloist Huh Gak, is considering legal action over recent damage caused to their artists’ reputation.

On November 16, the agency posted a statement regarding the issue on their official Facebook account.

“As of late, online defamation against our artists has become increasingly severe, and the reputation of our artists has been hurt due to the spread of false rumors, the creation and spread of edited photos with malicious intents, and indiscreet sexual comments.”

“We have already started looking into the case by collecting relevant material and analyzing information that we have received. If there is an increase in malicious netizens who cross the line, we will address this by taking firm legal action.”

Regarding comments with evil intents, A Cube said that such comments have caused psychological harm not only to the artists but also negatively affected their family members and other people around them, including staff members, which the agency also intends to address through legal means.

Meanwhile, this comes only two days after A Pink’s Chorong misspelled “Pray for Paris” in her Twitter post, causing some netizens to publicly criticize and doubt her intelligence.

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