10 Celebrities With Offbeat Hobbies and Interests

These celebrities get their energy from their pet obsessions, no matter if it seems a little offbeat to other people. As hardcore fans, the Japanese word for these celebrities would be “otakus.”

1. Shim Hyung Tak – “Doraemon”


Fans call the actor “Shim-taku” (Shim + otaku) for his obsession with the Japanese animation “Doraemon.” Doraemon is a cartoon robot cat who travels back in time to help a young boy. On MBC’s “Infinite Challenge,” Shim Hyung Tak said that Doraemon gave him comfort when he was ostracized by the other students in school. Even now, the actor collects all things Doraemon.

2. Baek Jong Won – “World of Warcraft”

baek jong won

The TV chef and businessman owns as many as 26 restaurant franchises across the country, but his pet hobby is the game “World of Warcraft.” When he got married, he promised his wife, actress So Yoo Jin, that he would end his game addiction, but recently on “My Little Television,” it was revealed that he owned a limited edition WOW computer mouse.

3. Kang Dong Won – “One Piece”

kang dong won luffy

The actor loves the anime/manga so much that he attended a “One Piece” exhibition held at the War Memorial of Korea in 2014 and was quoted as saying that if One Piece were ever made into a movie, he would want to play the character Luffy. For his 2009 film, “Jeon Woo Chi,” he said that he channeled his inner Luffy for the filming. It must have helped, because the film went on to be the third best selling film of the year.

4. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun – “Starcraft”

super junior kyuhyun

Nicknamed “Game-kyu” (games + Kyuhyun) by his fans for his long history of loving games, the Super Junior singer talked on MBC’s “Radio Star” about how he once beat Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung in a game “Starcraft.” Kyuhyun is good enough to be ranked first place among celebrities and is friendly with several professional gamers.

5. EXO’s Chanyeol – Rilakkuma

chanyeol exo

The EXO member has several Rilakkuma (a Japanese character) dolls around his bed, as seen on his personal Instagram. On SBS’s “Roommate,” his Rilakkuma doll was the first thing the idol packed before leaving the dorm. EXO-Ls have long been aware of the cute collection and continue to gift him Rilakkuma-related items.

6. Defconn – “Neon Genesis Evangelion”

anaKAuMAlthough Defconn shares a mania for collecting sneakers like BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, he also has a passion for the Japanese animation “Evangelion.” On the show “I Live Alone,” he even goes to the Bucheon International Animation Festival and expresses love for the writer of the series. His favorite character is Asuka Langley Sohryu, commonly known as Asuka.

7. John Park – Naengmyun


The American-born singer John Park is obsessed with Korean naengmyun, or cold buckwheat noodles. His passion for the dish is so strong that he can accurately pick out the “Pyeongyang-style” noodles from the “Hamheung-style” after sampling both. (Both are famous types of naengmyun.) On Mnet’s “Enemy of Broadcasting,” he showed his love for the food through a “mukbang,” or eating broadcast, and confidently declared that he could eat naengmyun for every meal without hating it.

8. Ji Jin Hee – Lego


This actor loves Legos so much that he even once belonged to a club that would share information and stories among themselves. On “Happy Together,” he revealed that he spent two years making the Millennium Falcon from the film “Star Wars” before selling the product. The actor typically buys Lego secondhand and sells the finished product for high prices, taking joy in piecing the products together rather than collecting them.

9. CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa – “The Simpsons”


Jung Yong Hwa’s love for “The Simpsons” cartoon is on a completely different scale: he owns dolls, T-shirts, pillows, blankets, and even underwear with the trademark characters on them. Even when filming as a model for the Taiwanese brand “Stay Real,” he collaborated with all his “Simpsons” gear. The singer said in an interview, “Homer Simpson is the greatest rock star on earth. I want to be born again as Homer.”

10. Younha – Song Joong Ki

younha song joong ki

Rather than a character, singer Younha revealed her fangirl heart by obsessing over actor Song Joong Ki. On Twitter she wrote that she once dreamed that she saw a movie with him, and even changed the words of the famous “I dreamed of a ghost” aegyo line to “I dreamed of Joong Ki oppa” while guesting on a radio program.

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