Yoo Seung Jun Files Lawsuit to Gain Entry to Korea

Yoo Seung Jun, a once-famous K-pop singer who lost his popularity over refusing to do his military service by obtaining an American citizenship, is suing the Los Angeles Korean Embassy over denying him an entry visa to Korea, according to the information released by the Korean court on November 17.

Yoo Seung Jun is said to have applied for an F-4 visa, which only people of Korean descent are eligible for. Yoo Seung Jun claimed in his filed suit, “As I am not just a foreigner but an expat, I should not have been denied this visa.” Yoo Seung Jun, who obtained an American citizenship only days before his scheduled conscription into the Korean military, consequently being banished from Korea over this act, has since claimed that he “did not obtain American citizenship to avoid conscription, but rather because of economic reasons.”

However, precedence dictates that a country is free to deny visas to whomever it wishes, so it is unlikely that he will win this suit. Although all precedents are against foreigners, and no precedent exists to expats without Korean citizenship, it remains to be seen whether his suit will even be deemed acceptable within Korean courts, as he is not a Korean citizen.

This is the first time that Yoo Seung Jun has filed a suit in the Korean court system. He has petitioned in 2002 to National Human Rights Association, but his petition was not accepted.

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