Ulala Session Announces a Member Change

Ulala Session will consist of five members for the time being, as one of the members, Park Kwang Sun, will be on a hiatus because of health issues. This was announced by Ulala Company, the management agency of Ulala Session, on November 18, which said, “We are embarking on a new start through the member changes, for the albums to be released next year, and the ensuing promotional activities.”

Previously, the late leader Lim Yoon Taek had also said that he hoped to show many sides of Ulala Session through the member changes.

The new Ulala Session will have Koonzo, Park Seung Il, and Kim Myung Hoon continue in the band, as well as the additions of Choi Do Won and Ha Jun Seok, who have been in Ulala Phrase. The latter two have been singing in musicals, so it is expected that they will be able to really add to performances.

Park Kwang Sun has undergone a kidney transplant surgery for his mother, and he has not taken any breaks since then. He hopes to take care of his health during this hiatus, as well as focusing on his musical and prepare for solo album.

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