Park Seo Joon Has Romantic Words of Encouragement for Choi Siwon

Actor Park Seo Joon showed his support for Choi Siwon, who is starting his military service, through his Instagram account. Park Seo Joon posted a photoshopped picture on his Instagram account on Novembr 19, in which Choi Siwon is hugging Park Seo Joon from the back. The two look quite romantic!

The original photo was a still from the popular drama “She Was Pretty,” in which Choi Siwon was hugging Hwang Jung Eum from behind.

Park Seo Joon also did not forget to add the comments, “I will visit you in the army. Be safe, and come back soon.”

Choi Siwon started his military training on November 19; he will complete the rest of his military service as a police officer.

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