f(x)’s Victoria Explores Hong Kong in Cosmopolitan Pictorial

Victoria, the leader of the K-Pop girl group f(x), just did a pictorial shoot for the December issue of Cosmopolitan in a quiet pier of Hong Kong. While Victoria is usually known for her vivacity, in this pictorial shoot, she showed her feminine yet strong side, capturing the eyes of everyone there.

She wore warm-toned knitted sweaters, coats, and boots, paired with various bags, completing her winter looks.

Victoria 1 Victoria 2 Victoria 3 Victoria 4

Of her pictorial shoot, she said, “I have always loved Hong Kong actors, and I think that this makes me turn into a more old-fashioned side of me every time I come to Hong Kong. I always feel as if I am walking in a scene of a movie.”

You can check out her pictorials and her interview in the December issue of Cosmopolitan.

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