Park Seo Joon Talks Family, Baby Niece, and Wanting to Get Married

Park Seo Joon, one of the hottest actors at the moment after his success in “She Was Pretty,” talked about his family in an interview with a Korean media outlet.

The interview started out by asking him whether he wants to get married soon, as he is 27 (Korean reckoning). He said, “My younger brother, who is three years younger than me, got married last month.” It turns out that his brother also had a daughter about a year and a half ago, and he is still fascinated by the liveliness the baby brings to the household. He said, “She points to me when I am on TV,” completely amazed.

He is the oldest of three brothers, and he lives alone in Seoul, away from his family. He says that having a niece made him look back at the warmth of having a family, and that he misses his family more since his niece was born.

Park SEo Joon and family

Park Seo Joon’s family

He said, “I have always wanted to get married, and living alone makes me feel even more lonely. Everyone says that there’s a right time for everything, but I don’t want to get married too late.”

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