Lim Won Hee Is a EXID’s Solji Lookalike on “SNL Korea 6”

Lim Won Hee of “SNL Korea 6,” whose fans have often remarked that he looks like EXID‘s Solji, finally transformed himself into a Solji lookalike on the November 21 episode of “SNL Korea 6,” where Solji appeared as guest.

Solji said that she cannot make it to a fan meeting because of another schedule, and introduced her twin sister Solhee who will go to the fan meeting in her place, and introduced Lim Won Hee to the audience. It seemed that with the pink top and a long wig, he looked exactly like Solji’s sister.

An Young Mi said, “I think Solhee looks slightly chubbier than Solji,” to which Lim Won Hee took offense, responding, “What are you talking about? Even our mom can’t tell which one is Solji.”

After the show, Solji put up a photo of the two of them on her Instagram, saying “Heo Won Hee and Lim Solji, we look alike, don’t we? I had a great time.”

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