Red Velvet and BTOB Members Pair Up on

The November 21 episode of “We Got Married Season 4” features Yook Sungjae and Joy bringing their group members to an amusement park, for a fairy tale-worthy wedding.


On the way to the amusement park, BTOB and Red Velvet paired up again, in order to make sure that Changsub would not be alone for too long. When all the members of BTOB and Red Velvet were on the bus, they decided to seat in pairs according to the animation character they each picked. The members had to act out the character and sit with another member who had picked the same character. Notably, Irene and Ilhoon ended up sitting together as they originally sat, with the others teasing them about it, and Changsub got to switch seats and pair up with Yeri. However, this meant that Hyunsik had to sit by himself due to the unmatched gender number of the two groups.

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