“Ship” Building: 7 Amazing, Potential Girlfriends for Lee Kwang Soo

Out of all the Korean celebrities currently on television, there is perhaps none so well-loved by international fans as Lee Kwang Soo. Hailed as the “Prince of Asia,” the actor and model is a member of the immensely popular variety show “Running Man.” Throughout the show’s many episodes, Lee Kwang Soo has shown a funny, charming, and delightfully goofy personality that has gained him fans of all ages. No doubt there are tons of people who would love to date the famous Giraffe, but if the choices were up to us, these are just a few of the gorgeous ladies we believe would make Lee Kwang Soo a great girlfriend. Read on to see if you agree with our choices!

Kwon Yuri

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After Lee Kwang Soo made clear his infatuation with Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri on “Running Man,” a lot of fans started to cheer on this loveline. Although Yuri wanted to be teamed up with fellow “Running Man” member Yoo Jae Suk, she and Lee Kwang Soo eventually became a team. What followed was a whole lot of blushing, nervousness, and excitement on Lee Kwang Soo’s part. Much to the entertainment of viewers, he even asked her if she wanted to hold hands. Since Yuri and her boyfriend recently ended their relationship, that means she is single again and available for a relationship with Lee Kwang Soo. To see more of this adorable pair, check out episodes 63 and 64 of “Running Man.”



Beautiful model and actress Lee Sung Kyung co-starred with Lee Kwang Soo in the popular drama, “It’s Ok, That’s Love.” Although many fans begin to ship him with the female lead (played by Gong Hyo Jin), many rumors begin to float around that Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sung Kyung’s chemistry was real as they had begun dating off screen as well. When Lee Sung Kyung made an appearance on “Running Man,” his co-stars begin to tease the two and question their relationship as well. To this day, many fans still ship this couple and would be happy if the two dated in real life.



Fans of Lee Kwang Soo always seem to root for him when he has a crush on a beautiful guest, but perhaps the most popular of all his “Running Man” “love interests” is singer and actress Uee. From her first appearance on the show, it was obvious he was smitten with the beautiful star. As time went on, Uee also seemed to display some interest in him as well, even commenting on how he had grown more handsome and popular recently. In her most recent “Running Man” appearance, the two showed how close they have gotten when Lee Kwang Soo called her and asked her to come by the set. Despite such little warning, she still showed up (with Lee Kwang Soo’s requested coffee in hand). Although she seemed slightly embarrassed that their seemingly close relationship had been revealed to the crowd, their chemistry was obvious to viewers and fans of the show.


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Over the years, it’s become obvious that Lee Kwang Soo definitely has an ideal type of woman. He tends to gravitate towards very feminine, adorable girls with a lot of aegyo. As the saying goes, however, opposites attract! This gorgeous actress showed that she would be a great match for Lee Kwang Soo during her appearance on “Running Man.” With her funny and outgoing personality, Choi Yeo Jin definitely kept Lee Kwang Soo on his toes as they were paired up for the episode. She and Lee Kwang Soo also have some things in common, as well, such as both being former models. The duo showed off their confidence and modeling skills, entertaining the other “Running Man” members and guests. Check out their antics in episode 213 of the popular variety show.



Although Song Ji Hyo is famous for being part of “Running Man’s” popular “Monday Couple,” many fans have also noticed her close relationship with Lee Kwang Soo. Although at times they display funny, sibling-like behavior, it is obvious that there is a lot of true affection between the two. Lee Kwang Soo’s gentlemanly behavior and consideration for Song Ji Hyo has been marked both on and off the screen. In addition, it’s been noted that Song Ji Hyo holds the younger Lee Kwang Soo in high regard, as well, despite the teasing, grumpy behavior she often displays with him.


When one of Lee Kwang Soo’s best friends made an appearance on “Running Man,” they threatened to spill the beans about his dating past while playing the popular game “Of Course.” Wang Ji Hye sent Lee Kwang Soo into a panic when she referenced his relationship with a former co-star that went from “oppa” to “honey.” He quickly hushed her up by saying that there weren’t many people who had played his younger sister, leading many people to believe he had been in a relationship with former co-star Lee Yoo Bi. She and Lee Kwang Soo displayed amazing chemistry in the 2012 drama, “The Innocent Man.” Since then, many fans have shipped this adorable couple off-screen as well.



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Although many rumors have started about Lee Kwang Soo and his co-stars, he has admitted he is a fanboy of his most current co-star Park Bo Young. The two recently starred opposite each other in the quirky film, “Collective Invention.” The lovely actress has been singing the praises of Lee Kwang Soo in recent interviews, telling how professional and kind he is despite difficult filming circumstances. Due to the release of the film, they have also become a popular couple for photoshoots and commercials, displaying their fantastic chemistry. Park Bo Young also made a recent appearance on “Running Man,” much to the delight of Lee Kwang Soo (and his fans).


Although there are plenty of gorgeous, talented actresses and models out there, these are a few of the Korean celebrities we think would make fantastic girlfriends for Lee Kwang Soo. As one of the funniest and most charming actors right now, it’s no wonder his fans wish him to find an equally amazing partner. Famous for his kind demeanor towards women and his gentlemanly ways, he would make any woman a wonderful boyfriend! Which of these stars do you wish he would date? Did we leave an obvious choice of the list? Let us know who you support by voting in the poll, and in the comment section below.

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