AOA’s Yuna and Hyejeong Are Glammed Up for SURE Magazine

AOA‘s Yuna and Hyejeong are ready to party it up for SURE magazine.

The spread is titled “Gorgeous Time to Party,” and the girls are glammed up for a night out. Hyejeong is decked out in a red miniskirt, a glittery black top, and gold accessories, while Yuna wears a white faux-fur jacket over a fool’s gold colored dress.


In the second set of photos, they’re dressed in more Christmas-appropriate colors, with Hyejeong in a navy blue dress and Yuna wearing a red and grey fur jacket.

During the filming, the girls were lauded by staff members for monitoring each other and generally creating a warm atmosphere on set. The full pictorial spread will be released in the December issue.

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*A previous version of this article switched Hyejeong and Yuna.