Halo Issues an Apology for Disrespectful Behavior Towards Fans

The fans of the newly-debuted group Halo are very upset with their behavior, in which they threw out the presents and letters given to them by fans, including some of the letters written by non-Korean fans in Korean. It is said that the letters that were found in the trash can were not even opened.

Halo’s behavior did not stop there. They have complained of being bored and tired at a fan signing event, and the leader Ooon and member Yoon Dong have made it obvious to their fans that they have girlfriends.

Ooon posted a photo of his girlfriend wearing his favorite shirt, and the couple have showed off their couple phone cases as well.

Yoon Dong kissed the bracelet given to him by his girlfriend when he scored a goal in “Idol Star Athletic Championships 2015,” and his profile picture on his Instagram was a picture drawn for him by his girlfriend. He even had a picture on his Instagram account where his girlfriend was leaning on his shoulder in a subway, with the two of them wearing matching couple shoes.

High Star Entertainment, the management agency of Halo, uploaded an apology, saying that “The members of Halo are deeply remorseful, and we hope that nothing like this will happen again.”

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Thanks to Nia Bu for the tip!