Girl’s Day’s Sojin Opens Up About Getting Conned by an Agency

Sojin of Girl’s Day will make an appearance on “Happy Together” on November 26. She is expected to talk about how she was able to support herself before making her debut. Her career is already different from most other idol members, as she debuted at the age 25, which is relatively quite late.

She reveals that she has been victim of a fraud by an entertainment company, which asked her for 2 million won (approximately $1730) for training costs, but the company dissolved after receiving her money.

Sojin moved to Seoul by herself to become a celebrity, and she had to hold various part-time jobs to support herself. She said, “I usually had two part-time jobs in a day, and practiced during the day. I have worked at a pub, and I was a telemarketer too.” When asked about the most difficult job she had, she said, “Putting on stickers on socks was the hardest. I had to stare at the conveyor belt all day long, and I fainted from dizziness once.”

We’re so glad that she made it after joining Dream Tea Entertainment!

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