Comedienne Hong Yoon Hwa Gushes Over “Oh My Venus” Star So Ji Sub

Singer Narsha, actress Park Joon Myeon, Hwang Mi Young, and comedian Hong Yoon Hwa appeared as guests on MBC’s variety show “Radio Star” on November 25. The episode is titled “Women of Diabolical Charm.”

hong yoon hwa

Comedienne Hong Yoon Hwa talks about So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah who star in the drama “Oh My Venus.” Hong Yoon Hwa currently appears in the drama as well and says, “So Ji Sub is so handsome. One day, I opened the door to the waiting room and I ran into him. He has such broad shoulders. They looked like another set of doors. I almost opened him up like a door.”

She also cracked everyone up saying, “Shin Min Ah transforms into a 77 kg (approximately 170 lbs) woman with the help of special makeup. When I’m in the same shot as her, the director says ‘How come she still looks slim in special makeup?’ She doesn’t look fat at all.”

Catch up on the latest episode of “Oh My Venus” below!

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