18 Things That Might Happen If K-Pop Stars Were Invited to Thanksgiving Dinner

1) Well, the dinner wouldn’t start without T.O.P.

2) Daesung would admire the smell of turkey and stuffing in the oven.

3) Onew would be that one person who wants chicken instead of turkey on Thanksgiving.

4) There would be a gender divide at the table.

5) Although some might venture their way over to the other side.

6) At the dinner table, you’ll have a lot of different reactions to the Thanksgiving feast.

There might be leader who wouldn’t be able to stop crying because friends and family are finally together.


7) Some might take a #foodstagram first of the abundant food.

8) Others might be unimpressed.

9) Some are definitely just there to eat at much as they can.

10) While others are more interested in talking than eating.

11) Hopefully most would actually eat and show their great appreciation for the food.

12) For the sake of our K-pop idols, we hope no managers are around to do this.

13) After all the stuffing of faces, some might feel the food coma slipping in.


14) Some, like Changmin, probably won’t understand how one could stop eating.


15) And there will definitely be some who will be upset they didn’t get that last piece of pumpkin pie.

16) And at the end, some might head out for some Black Friday shopping.


17) Or start whipping out those Christmas decorations.


18) And finally, hopefully, someone will bring Daehan, Minguk, and Manse; though they’d probably get upset when food isn’t served straight away.

daehan minguk manse

Happy Thanksgiving, Soompiers!

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