9 Times K-Pop Idols Made a Fan's Dream Come True

Most K-pop fans can only dream of being close enough to speak with or touch their favorite idols. These lucky fans had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to not only meet K-pop stars, but interact with them in an unforgettable way. The idols below showed their love for fans by personally connecting with them and making their K-pop dreams become reality.

(Caution: list may cause extreme jealousy)

Hani at SBS Awards Festival

EXID was catapulted into K-pop superstardom last year when a fancam of member Hani dancing to “Up Down” went viral, thanks to a YouTuber named Pharkil, who films and uploads live K-pop performances.

Around two months after the video went viral and EXID’s popularity shot through the roof, Hani surprised Pharkil by spotting him at a concert, making eye contact, and mouthing the words “Thank you” to him. The group later invited Pharkil to a meal as well, but he declined, stating that he “has other girl groups to film.”

Girl’s Day Fan Meeting

While performing “Darling” during a fanmeeting, both Girl’s Day and the audience were struck with amusement and confusion when a male fan suddenly ran up onto the stage and began dancing alongside the members. The members of Girl’s Day just decided to roll with it and let the fan join in.

With Hyeri absent that day, the fan was able to take her spot. Yura later joked in an interview that she didn’t know the dancing fan would fill Hyeri’s position so well.

BEAST’s “Star Date”

It’s no secret that the men in k-pop have some of the top bodies on the planet. On BEAST’s “Star Date,” random audience members were chosen to be in the spotlight.

One girl gets close enough to kiss Hyunseung, another gives Yoon Doojoon a piggyback ride, and the girl below feels Kikwang’s “alive” abs.

EXO’s “Guerilla Date”

There are few things more nerve-wracking than dancing in front of a crowd alone. When this student dancing to EXO’s “Overdose” starts to falter during the performance, Lay immediately jumps in to help support her. A few seconds later, Kai and Chen join in to help as well.


Fans always recognize idols, but it’s rare that an idol recognizes a fan. After BIGBANG’s “MADE” concert in Las Vegas, the members were taking selfies with fans on their way to their limo.

On the way, Taeyang recognizes a Youtuber named JREKML, who makes K-pop reaction videos, and stops to say a few words.

GOT7’s “99 Degrees” Fan Meeting

During a special holiday GOT7 fan meeting, one lucky fan was chosen from the audience and brought onstage, where she received the ultimate gift: to be serenaded by all seven members of the group while they hug her, make eye contact, and dance around her.

Key’s Message on Instagram

SHINee’s Key touched the hearts of fans, showing how much he cares about them by posting an Instagram comment to someone in need. Key came across a photo of a user wearing a SHINee bracelet with cuts all over her arms and left her a message encouraging her to stop cutting herself and shared his own personal experience with self-harm.

Shinees key stops fan from cutting

After realizing that her favorite idol had left a comment on her photo, the fan replied with: “oh. my. god. @bumkeyk reacts on my pic. i’m shaking, i love you Key, this made my life. i’m going to stop cutting for you. thank you for saving my life.”

She also demonstrated her desire to never cut again by uploading a video of herself throwing away the blades she had been using. Key has shown how a small gesture can completely change someone’s life for the better.

Girls’ Generation’s Yokohama Concert

During a Girls’ Generation concert in Japan in 2013, Yoona had to leave early due to a drama filming. Who better to take her place than a member of “Endo Generation”, a professional Japanese dance group that covers Girls’ Generation songs?

Although he sticks out like a sore thumb next to the dainty Girls’ Generation members, nobody can deny that his dance moves are on point. And all while wearing high heels.

G-Dragon on “M!Countdown”

As GOT7 fans probably already know, BamBam is a huge BIGBANG and G-Dragon fanboy. On an episode of “M!Countdown,” he met G-Dragon, Daesung, and T.O.P and gave them a special message. After BamBam mentioned that he’s a huge BIGBANG fan, Daesung read a message that BamBam had written that read, “Hi, G-Dragon sunbae, this is GOT7’s BamBam. Thanks to you, I’ve been able to get where I am today.”

At this, G-Dragon excitedly gave BamBam a big hug. The GOT7 member’s last words as the three BIGBANG members left the elevator were “I love you!”

Which K-pop idol or group would you like to meet?

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