E-Sens Gets Sentenced to Prison for Smoking Marijuana

Rapper E-Sens, who was sentenced to serve 18 months in prison last July for possession and ingestion of marijuana, lost his appeal in an attempt to commute his sentence on November 26.

The Seoul Appeals Court affirmed the ruling from the Seoul Western District Court, and maintained the 18-month penalty. Although the court considered the various mitigating circumstances, including the fact that E-Sens was in charge of his family as his father passed away, and the fact that E-Sens was going through conflicts with his management agency, it was not enough to reverse the decision. The Appeals Court said that as E-Sens has undergone trials for the same crimes in 2011, it was not reasonable to reverse the decision.

In 2011, E-Sens was put under two years of probation for having smoked marijuana with his friend in a parking lot.

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