Seulgi Talks About Living With the Members of Red Velvet

Seulgi of Red Velvet was a guest on the November 28 episode of “Same Bed, Different Dreams,” in which the oldest daughter out of seven siblings shared her problems with the panel. The daughter said that she has to take care of all of her younger siblings, and also do a lot of the household chores.

While watching the house in disarray because of the children, Seulgi said, “It reminds me of my own apartment where I live with the other members of Red Velvet. We also have a lot of laundry.” She sympathized with the girl, saying, “Being in your teens means that you like to decorate your room, and I am sorry that you don’t get the chance to do that.”

The girl brought some fresh kimchi to the show, and Seulgi loved it, and ate a lot of it on the show as well.

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