AOA Shows Off Their Charm on “SNL Korea”

tvN’s “SNL Korea” released photos of AOA on the set as they go on to host the show on November 28 live at 9:45 p.m. KST.

The photos show various charms of AOA on the set. Seolhyun is seen posing next to her life-size photo cutout with comedian Yoo Se Yoon. In another photo, Choa is seen posing cute next to actor Lee Hae Woo. On other shots, Jimin and Yuna exude their sexy charm.


The “SNL Korea” team commented, “AOA’s charm will be fully displayed on the show. We’ll have skits based on Seolhyun’s life-size photo cutout and she will show her unexpected side to her charm working with Yoo Se Yoon. Choa, Jimin, and Hyejeong will show their diabolical charm dressed as career women.”

AOA will also show a new interpretation of their hit song “Like a Cat” showing entirely different side of them. It is said the girl group AOA gathered the most number of audience request for tickets to the show to date.

Other cast members like comedian Jang Dong Min and singer Kim So Jung will do a parody on award shows. Also Lee Jin Gyu of tvN’s “Martian Virus” from 2009 will appear on the show.

tvN’s “SNL Korea” is the Korean version of United States’ “Saturday Night Live” that carries 42 years of broadcasting tradition. Since its first broadcast in 2011, “SNL Korea” has maintained popularity due to its racy humor and parodies.

“SNL Korea” airs every Saturday at 9:45 p.m. KST live.

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