Exclusive: INFINITE Talks Zombie Apocalypse Team, Favorite Songs of the Moment, and More!

Hey Soompiers!

The Soompi Team recently got a chance to sit down with INFINITE for an exclusive interview during their “INFINITE EFFECT” show in Manila.

Despite their busy schedule, the boys graciously shared their thoughts on who they would pick to be on their celebrity zombie apocalypse team (where Hoya may or may not have prodded a certain member for a name of a girl group member), what they do before and after they go to sleep, and their favorite songs of the moment!

In case you’re wondering why we’re so obsessed with zombies, check out a few other celebrities we’ve stumped (herehere, here, and here) with this same question, so much so that we now consider this a Soompi interview staple. Let us know who you’d want to answer this question next! Watch the special interview below!