K-Pop Stars Divulge, Just a Little, About Their Performances at 2015 MAMA

The 2015 MAMA is upon us and some of the hottest K-pop stars have headed out to Hong Kong to set the stage on fire. But before the sun sets and the lights turn on at the Asia World Expo Center, the busy artists met with the press to answer questions and give their thumbs up to the event.

EXO’s Suho and Chen asked fans to look forward to the group’s performance, which will include asking everyone to jump. They also said they might take off their shirts if they are in the mood. They have prepared clothes.


EXO’s Suho


EXO’s Chen is in all black.


BTS asked the fans to look forward to the debut performance of their latest release, “Run.”


BTS is ready to set the stage ablaze!

BTS (1)

4Minute‘s HyunA is at the MAMA as a solo artist and she promises to give it her all.


HyunA accents her red and black outfit with gold heels.


f(x) is looking forward to their collaboration with the Pet Shop Boys, although it is sad Victoria can’t be there.


GOT7 has a special performance planned, but wouldn’t divulge the details.


Jackson said he would like to take a picture with Chow Yun Fat, who will be at MAMA, if he didn’t mind.


Rapper San E said he is looking forward to SHINee‘s stage this year.


Speaking of SHINee, Key and Minho were at the press conference to represent the group.


SHINee asked fans to pay attention to the beginning of the performance as they have something special prepared.


SHINee is looking forward to the f(x) and Pet Shop Boys collaboration stage.


Seventeen is really excited to be at MAMA this year, being of one of their dreams to stand on this stage, and they have practiced a lot.


Photo Credits to CJ E&M