Cheetah’s Mother Talks About Her Most Painful Memory

The December 5 episode of “Human Documentary” shared Cheetah‘s story of her serious car accident with its viewers.One day in January of the year she turned 18, Cheetah and her friend were running to catch a bus. Cheetah remembers the moment and recalls that the friend waved to Cheetah, saying, “This is the last bus of the day.”


When Cheetah’s mother heard the accident, she said, “I fainted. When I woke up, she had gone through a brain surgery and she was in the ICU. The doctor told me that blood kept collecting in her brain, and that I needed to choose to put Cheetah through a brain surgery, or put her in an induced coma.”

Brain surgery meant that Cheetah would live with a disability for the rest of her life; being put in an induced coma meant that there was a significant chance that she would die, but there was hope for living without disability.

Cheetah’s mother said tearfully, “If I were to choose, I would have chosen the brain surgery. But my husband convinced me to choose the induced coma, saying that we would follow Cheetah, whatever the consequences. That was the most difficult decision of my life.”

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