Gil’s New Solo Album to Feature Epik High and More

Gil of Leessang will release his second solo album next February, a mere three months after his first solo album.

According to an insider, his second solo album will be a continuation of his first solo album “R.O.A.D. Project #1,” and it will be appropriately titled “R.O.A.D. Project #2.” His first solo album received accolades from critics, who said that this album could appeal to the public, while still being musically interesting.

However, while the previous album talked about breakups and sadness mixed with hip-hop, this new album will be more upbeat. Furthermore, his new album features many top musicians, including Oh Hyuk of Hyukoh Band, singer Sunwoo Jung Ah, and Epik High. In particular, the fact that he decided to feature Epik High as rappers instead of his usual choice of Gary might mean that there are a lot of new elements in his upcoming album.

Meanwhile, Leessang will tour Korea starting December 12, going through Daegu, Busan, Gwangju, then Seoul. Gil and Gary are expected to unveil the stages for their solo albums.

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