GFRIEND to Come Back in Early 2016

GFRIEND, currently busy attending multiple awards ceremonies, is rumored to be preparing for their comeback early next year, according to an insider. According to the insider on December 6, although GFRIEND was originally preparing for a comeback within this year, their comeback has been delayed. However, the insider said, “They will come back soon with good tracks and performance in the GFRIEND style.”

Nonetheless, they are said to be preparing various special stages for the year-end awards ceremonies. Having already won the Rookie of the Year award at the 2015 Melon Music Awards, they are focused on wrapping up the year on a good note.

GFRIEND has been one of the most popular rookie groups of the year, and “Me Gustas Tu,” released this past July, is still within the top 30 songs on various music charts. They are also communicating with the fans through “One Beautiful Day.”

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