11 K-Pop Idols We Want to See Debut as Soloists in 2016

While K-pop is most well-known for its upbeat music and super synchronized dance groups, there is no doubt there that are many idols with amazing vocal talent. While many of them perform as soloists for soundtracks or concerts, they have yet to make their official debut as a solo artist. From boy bands to girl groups, there seems to be no end to the talent among these idols who have spent the past several years polishing and perfecting their voices. Whether they are well-suited for ballads, R&B, trot, or pop, here are 11 amazing K-pop artists that we would love to see debut as a solo artist in 2016!

Luna – f(x)

Luna is the main vocalist of f(x), so it should come as no surprise that she is included on the list. Although she recently released a digital single to thank fans for their support and has sung for many official soundtracks, many fans would love to see her make her official solo debut as well.


Sandeul – B1A4

While B1A4 fans have been aware of Sandeul‘s amazing voice for a long time, many people have just begun to appreciate his talent after making an appearance on the popular show “King of Mask Singer.” Despite his young age, he shows great maturity as a singer. With his amazing clarity and great range, his solo debut would undoubtedly be a hit.


Eunji – A Pink

Another singer who has released tracks for multiple OSTs, Eunji is an idol with a huge amount of talent. Before joining A Pink, she had received no formal training and only trained at the label for six months before making her debut with the group. Since then, her voice has only become more polished and amazing.


Onew – SHINee

While two of his fellow group members have made their own solo debut, many fans are still waiting for the debut of this uber-talented vocalist. His amazing voice and range first came to the notice of most K-pop fans when he sang the famous opera song “Nessun Dorma” at SMTOWN in Paris. Onew‘s hard work and training have paid off since then though, as his voice has only become better and stronger with time.


Minzy – 2NE1

Although CL may be the 2NE1 member with the best reputation as a solo artist, Minzy is another member whose voice has charmed fans. She has released several covers of English songs and has showcased her improvement through these songs. With her soulful voice and ability to tackle numerous genres, she would make a great solo artist and many fans are calling for her to have her own solo debut soon.


Woohyun – INFINITE

Although Sunggyu is the most well-known (and perhaps most popular) vocalist in INFINITE, Woohyun also has an extraordinary range and clarity to his voice. He first gained attention with the mainstream audience through his appearances on “Immortal Song 2,” where he tackled several genres and showed off his great voice and stage presence. Since then, he has only improved even more and would thrill fans if he were the next INFINITE member to go solo.


Tiffany – Girls’ Generation

As one of the most well-known vocalists in K-pop, Tiffany has showcased her talent through numerous solo stages in concerts, TV appearances and soundtracks. With her powerful voice and great musicality, most K-pop fans can agree that she would do an amazing job if given the chance to make an official solo debut. Since her label seems to have an interest in having many of their idols go solo, perhaps we can hope for Tiffany’s official solo debut in the near future!


Dongwoon – BEAST

Although he has done some solo work in Japan, Dongwoon has yet to make his solo debut in Korea. Through his recent appearance on “King of Mask Singer,” he garnered a lot of attention from both fans and celebrities alike. His smooth vocals and great voice control show that he could be a fantastic solo artist as well. With his confidence and extensive experience, he would make a great solo artist in 2016.


Kim Boa – SPICA

When you’re a voice coach for other idols, it shows that you have an abundance of talent. In my opinion, Kim Boa is one of the best vocalists in K-pop, as well as one of the most underrated. As another artist that appeared on “King of Mask Singer,” she finally begin to gain the attention she deserved with her soulful voice and wonderful technique. With this recent exposure, we hope she will soon have her official debut as the amazing solo artist that she is!



A lot of vocalists in K-pop are often overshadowed by another member who is super famous for their voice. Such is the case with Soyu and Hyorin. Although Hyorin is perhaps the most well-known female vocalist in K-pop, Soyu has shown that she has serious vocal talent as well through her many collaborations and soundtrack recordings. Although she lacks Hyorin’s range, Soyu’s hard work, dedication, and training are all showcased through her smooth, airy vocals and a great sense of musicality.



Yesung – Super Junior

Yesung‘s fellow Super Junior member Ryeowook has one of the most amazing voices in K-pop. While his voice control, technique, and range are truly unparalleled, Yesung has a wonderful voice that tends to appeal to a broader audience. With his velvety voice and fantastic range, he can also tackle a variety of genres from ballads to rock. Since he is back from the military, this coming new year seems like the perfect time for him to make his official solo debut!

There are a lot of other truly amazing vocalists in K-pop and with more time and experience, and there are a lot of younger idols who would make fantastic solo artists as well. What do you think of our list? Did we miss any obvious choices? Who would you like to see debut as a solo artist in 2016? Let us know in the comment section below!

lee1086 is a Soompi writer who tends to love powerhouse vocalists like Ryeowook, D.O, and Baekhyun and would fangirl like an idiot if any of them made their solo debut. Apart from her overboard love of Suju (and evidently male vocalists as well), she is also a fan of 3rd Wave Music, BIGBANG, SHINEE, BTS, and more.