Kim Yong Joon Revealed to Also Be in a Relationship Following Hwang Jung Eum’s Dating Announcement

Coincidentally (or maybe not), SG Wannabe member Kim Yong Joon has also been revealed to be in a relationship following the news of his ex-girlfriend Hwang Jung Eum‘s dating announcement.

Earlier today, news broke that actress Hwang Jung Eum was dating pro golfer Lee Young Don, which she admitted to. Hours later, news came out that Kim Yong Joon, who dated Hwang Jung Eum for nine years and together were a well-known couple in the industry, was also in a relationship. Local news source Ilgan Sports reported that Kim Yong Joon was dating 28 year-old Ms. Park, a former model and actor. She is three years younger than Kim Yong Joon, and had a active career in the industry, appearing in dramas, commercials, and music videos, before leaving it and returning to the private sphere. Ms. Park is said to be 170cm tall and a beauty with defined features.

An acquaintance of Ms. Park commented to Ilgan Sports that Kim Yong Joon and Ms. Park were introduced to each other by acquaintances.

Kim Yong Joon’s management agency, CJ E&M, confirmed that the Kim Yong Joon was dating a non-celebrity, having begun their relationship recently. But it was reluctant in revealing anything more, stating that Kim Yong Joon did not want it.

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