If Baby Daebak Ran His Own Instagram Account

1. The random inspirational gram.

“Be the kind of leader that you would follow.”

daebak alien

2. When someone leaves a stupid comment on one of his older comments.

“#Judging You.”

daebak judge

3. The random gram that shows off the nice car.

“It’s a great day for a drive!”

daebak car

4. The feeling-a-little-emotional gram.

“No one understands me.”

daebak a man of fall

5. The I-could-be-a-meme gram.

“I don’t always sit at the table, but when I do, it’s the high chair.”

daebak boss

6. The obligatory food gram.

“I regret nothing.”

daebak bone

7. The Bae-caught-me-slippin’ gram.

“Mom caught me sleeping. Luv u, mom!”

daebak sleeping

8. The I-was-such-a-cute-baby gram.

“Just a little present for my fans.”

daebak crown

9. The having-a-great-hair-day gram.

“Wanted to share this spontaneous moment with you guys!”

daebak mohawk

10. The I-look-too-good-not-to-share gram.

“It’s such a sunny day!”

daebak sunglasses

11. The self-promotion gram.

“#TheReturnofSuperman airs tonight on KBS2TVat 4:50 p.m.! Watch it live!”

daebak smile

12. The I-can’t-sleep-at-night-so-I’m-just-fiddling-with-my-phone gram.

“Hugs are the best medicine.”

daebak lonely

13. The contemplating-the-purpose-of-life gram.

“Life is so fleeting.”

daebak lying down

If you want more of baby Daebak, you can watch “The Return of Superman” at Viki.

crystalcove is tired of all her friends’ baby photos on her Facebook newsfeed, but doesn’t mind spending hours watching the cutie-pies on “The Return of Superman.”

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