B.A.P Following Up With “Be Happy”; Choreographed by Member Zelo

B.A.P wraps up four weeks of successful promotion for “Young, Wild & Free” and follows it up with “Be Happy”!

B.A.P, who made their long-awaited comeback with the album “Matrix” and its title track, “Young, Wild & Free,” is continuing to remain on stage with “Be Happy.” “Be Happy” is of the “Funk & Soul” genre and has a message of hope and happiness of youth. The dance for “Be Happy” is choreographed by B.A.P’s youngest member, Zelo. He previously worked on the the choreography for “Young, Wild & Free” with fellow B.A.P member Jongup.

B.A.P plans to promote “Be Happy” this week with a big band to highlight the brass sound of the “funk & soul” track.

B.A.P is having a successful promotion period with “Matrix,” ranking 14th on the “Worldwide iTunes Album Chart,” third on Billboard’s “World Albums Chart,” and winning first place on KBS’s “Music Bank” and SBS MTV’s “The Show.”

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