Surprising Idol Singer Revealed Behind Mozart Mask on “King of Mask Singer”

On the December 13 broadcast of “King of Mask Singer,” Musical Prodigy Mozart was revealed to be an idol that is not usually known for his singing skills.

Two masked singers, “Bungeoppang” and “Musical Prodigy Mozart,” faced off in the first round singing CAN’s “Spring Days of My Life.” Despite exciting the crowd with their talented, energetic performance, Mozart was eventually eliminated by a narrow margin.


The man behind the mask turned out to be none other than Kangnam, the main vocalist of M.I.B! Kangnam has recently focused on his many variety appearances, but this time he impressed the “King of Mask Singer” panel and audience with his vocal talent as well as his improved Korean skills.


In the subsequent interview, Kangnam revealed that he thought the panelists would criticize his singing and Korean pronunciation. Instead, he was grateful for everyone’s warm support.

“I had two teachers to take care of my pronunciation,” he said. “If I’m invited again on ‘King of Mask Singer,’ I will get three teachers and work even harder.”

Watch the identity reveal and the interview below:

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