Meet the Members of Neoz From FNC’s New Male Dance Group Training System

Update December 18 KST:

Meet the next member – In Seong.

fnc neoz in seong 1

Update December 17 KST:

Meet the next three members – Hwi Young, Da Won, and Jae Yoon!

fnc hwu young da won jae yoon

fnc ne

Hwi Young

Da Won

Jae Yoon

Update December 16 KST:

neoz ro woon young bin

FNC has introduced the next two Neoz members, Ro Woon and Young Bin.

Ro Woon

Young Bin

neo school

Original article:

After introducing its debut training system, Neo School, yesterday, FNC Entertainment has started introducing the members of its first class, Neoz.

FNC has uploaded three video teasers for the first three members: Tae Yang, Ju Ho, and Cha Ni. Not much has been revealed about these members except the videos and judging from them, Tae Yang and Cha Ni seem to be dance focused, while Ju Ho is a rapper.

fnc neoz tae yang ju ho cha ni 2

Neo School is a training system to prepare FNC’s new rookie group. Neoz is the first class of trainees, and they are candidates for FNC’s new male dance group. FNC plans to release the profiles of the members day by day.

Tae Yang

fnc tae yang

Ju Ho

fnc juho

Cha Ni

FNC cha ni

fnc neoz tae yang ju ho cha ni 1

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