This Is What Rising Popularity Sounds Like For “Reply 1988” Actor Ryu Jun Yeol

Two contrasting videos are being circulated around social media networks that show how popular “Reply 1988” actor Ryu Jun Yeol has become in a couple of months.

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that two months ago, most people didn’t know who actor Ryu Jun Yeol was. But now, if you don’t know, you’re living under a rock. So what is that rising popularity like for Ryu Jun Yeol? It sounds like deafening screams.

Take a look at the video from a photo op in September of this year. Ryu Jun Yeol attended the V.I.P screening of the film “The Long Way Home” on September 21, and while the cameras are slowly taking pictures, the crowd watching is pretty quiet.

Now take a look at a similar type of event this month for the film ‘The Himalayas.” The screams for Ryu Jun Yeol are deafening and the cameras are almost epilepsy-inducing. He is even interviewed but we can barely hear what he is saying because the screams are so loud.

Meanwhile, tvN’s “Reply 1988” hit a viewership ratings peak of 13.8 percent with its most recent episode (12th episode), an incredible feat for a cable drama. The drama stars Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, Ryu Jun Yeol, Park Bo Gum, Go Kyung Pyo, and Lee Dong Hui in a nostalgic trip back to the 1980s focusing on family and friendship.

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