Turbo Hits “Restart” With Video Teaser for Comeback

Dance group Turbo, which is making a comeback after 15 years since their last official release, has just dropped its first video teaser.

Turbo is a male pop group that debuted in 1995. The original members were Kim Jong Kook and Kim Jung Nam, with Kim Jung Nam later leaving and rapper Mikey joining in 1997.

Turbo is now returning as a trio – Kim Jong Kook, Kim Jung Nam, and Mikey – coming together to release the group’s sixth studio album. The title track is “Again,” penned by Duble Kick.

The album is comprised of 17 tracks featuring a slew of familiar names from the 1990 – Roo’ra‘s  Lee Sang Min, DJ DOC‘s Lee Ha Neul, Jinusean‘s Jinu, and composer Joo Young Hoon. Rapper San E is also featured in the album. More featured artists are expected to be revealed later on.

turbo tracklist

The full album drops December 21 at midnight.

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*An earlier version of this article had a typo. Turbo debuted in 1995, not 1991.