MBC Increasing Number of Its Drama Awards Categories

It’s not a sight you often seen in other awards ceremonies in other countries, but in South Korea, you often see one award being given to two people. In 2008 at the MBC Drama Awards, for example, MBC gave out the top award – the Daesang – to Kim Myung Min and Song Seung Heon. This doesn’t just happen for dramas or just at MBC, but also at the Entertainment awards and at other broadcasting networks. These joint awards are a double-edged sword that make no one happy and there are always complaints after such an event occurs.

This year, MBC is offering a solution to those complaints, although whether it will actually work is to be determined. The broadcasting network has created two new categories for its drama awards – “Top 10 MBC Drama Stars” and “Best Supporting Actor.” The “Top 10 MBC Drama Stars” awards will be awarded to actors who have whose shown talent, hard work, and star power this year, and the “Best Supporting Actor” award will be given to an actor who showed outstanding talent and presence in their supporting roles. MBC has also pledged to minimize double awarding. (Note: Unless specified, the word “actor” is defined as a person (either male or female) who acts.)

The MBC Drama Awards take place December 30 at 8:55 p.m. KST. Currently, online voting is taking place at its website for the “Popularity Award,” “Best Couple Award,” and “This Year’s Drama Award.”

What do you think, readers? MBC thinks giving out more awards through different categories is better than giving out two or three in one category. How about you?