Jessi and GOT7’s Jackson Share Contrasting Thoughts on Park Jin Young’s MAMA Performance

Jessi and GOT7‘s Jackson shared their thoughts on Park Jin Young‘s performance at the 2015 MAMA earlier this month.

On the December 16 broadcast of MBC’s “Radio Star,” Park Jung Hyun, Jessi, Jackson, and Cao Lu of Fiestar appeared as guests.

During the broadcast, the MC, Kim Gura, asks Jackson and Jessi how they felt about Park Jin Young’s performance at MAMA.

Jackson replies, “It was like watching your father dance.” He explains, “At work, he’s like a father, asking, ‘Jackson, how are you doing?’ but he was doing a sexy performance on stage, so it felt strange.”

Jessi then says, “It was cool when he was playing piano, but suddenly, he used his toes and I almost puked.” She then made everyone laugh by saying, “In conclusion, don’t do things like that in the future!”

Park Jin Young MAMA


What do you think of Park Jin Young’s performance? Watch it below!

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