MADTOWN’s Jota Is Humbled by Public’s Interest in Him After “Cool Kiz on the Block”

On December 16, Star News reported an interview with MADTOWN’s Jota who is in the spotlight for displaying incredible will during the match against his opponent which led to a dramatic win on December 15 broadcast of “Cool Kiz on the Block.”

Jota commented, “I’m taken aback by the surge of interest in me by the public. It feels more real to me now since people around me have been so supportive.”

He added, “I didn’t expect this kind of response from the viewers when I auditioned for the program. I just had some regrets and lingering attachment toward judo, so I joined the program.”

When asked about the injury he received during the match, he replied, “I’m doing okay. I have had injuries before from my judo days.”

Jota commented, “I’m so grateful for the attention and love I’m receiving from everyone. I’ll work hard to live up to everyone’s expectations.”

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