iKON Reveals Double Title Tracks for Debut Full Album

YG Entertainment reveals two teaser images for its rookie group iKON today, announcing the title tracks for the group’s debut full album, “Welcome Back.”

The first is titled “What’s Wrong?” and the song is composed by B.I and Bobby with lyrics also by the two, and arranged by Rovin. The song is said to be about the mentality of a man who can’t understand why he often fights with his girlfriend over little things. It is described as a song with a strong rock song.

The teaser image shows the members standing against a white background looking charismatic and chic.
ikon what's wrong

The second title track is “Dumb & Dumber,” composed by Future Bounce and B.I, with lyrics by B.I. and Bobby, and arranged by Future Bounce.

In contrast to the first image, this second image shows the members in pajamas and unexplicably in the bathroom.

ikon dumb and dumber

The album will be available online at midnight, December 24. The physical album and the music videos for both the title tracks will also be released that day.