Actress Kim Jung Eun Getting Married in March

Local news outlet Sports Seoul reports that actress Kim Jung Eun (“Lovers in Paris,” “Make a Woman Cry”) will be getting married in March 2016.

According to Sports Seoul, Kim Jung Eun is currently in the U.S., looking for a location for her wedding. It will be a “small” wedding, only open to a small group of friends and family. The exact date of the wedding has been decided on yet, but the actress is aiming for March, and the honeymoon will also take place in the U.S., according to an industry source.

Kim Jung Eun’s groom-to-be is the same age as the actress and works at a finance corporation. The two have dated for about three years and their relationship became public this past June. Kim Jung Eun has said of her boyfriend, “He offers me strength when I am having a hard time.” Acquaintances have described the couple as very compatible, and the boyfriend is said to be very supportive of Kim Jung Eun’s career.

Kim Jung Eun’s agency has neither confirmed or denied the report, saying that it can’t get in contact with Kim Jung Eun right now, as she is in the U.S., nor with her manager since she recently parted ways with her manager.

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Actress Kim Jung Eun has confirmed through her agency that she is indeed getting married in March 2016 in the U.S., although the location and exact date have not been decided yet. Kim Jung Eun stated that they are being cautious because he is not a celebrity, but they ask for that many people to congratulate them. Kim Jung Eun also thanked the many people who love her and that she wishes to return their love by showing her living happily as an actress and wife.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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