“K-Pop Star 5” Contestants Bring Park Jin Young to Tears

The recent filming of “K-Pop Star 5” had the contestants Jung Jin Woo and Lee Soo Jung form a team to try a mission. The two were a hit, and the producers of “K-Pop Star 5” have even released some stills of the duo.

kpop star 5 duo1 kpop star 5 duo2

According to Yang Hyun Suk, “Jung Jin Woo has not only improved his songwriting abilities, he has also become a man.” Yoo Hee Yeol said, “I feel as if I have seen a short drama. It was more exciting than a first kiss on a drama, and it was the best stage I could dream of.” Park Jin Young even shed some tears, and said, “I am so happy that there are such good stages each year. When the two held hands, I cried. It was so moving.”

The producers said, “Many teams showed great teamwork and resulted in very strong stages.”

Tune into K-Pop Star 5 to find out which teams excelled!

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