Choo Sarang Interrupts Choo Sung Hoon’s Acceptance Speech

Choo Sung Hoon was awarded the Hot Entertainer Award at the 2015 KBS Entertainment Awards, which took place at KBS Hall on December 26. He shared this award with Jung Hyung Don, who could not attend the ceremony because of health issues.

While Choo Sung Hoon was giving his acceptance speech, he held Choo Sarang in his arms. Choo Sarang, not realizing that she was on live TV, kept playing with the microphone, yelling random syllables into it while Choo Sung Hoon was talking. Eventually, Choo Sung Hoon, completely flustered, had to stop his daughter, saying, “Daddy is still talking!”

He may have been flustered, but we were swooning at Choo Sarang’s adorableness!

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