Park Myung Soo Apprehended by Busan Police on “Infinite Challenge”

Infinite Challenge” continued to entertain and impress with their police chase special, and Park Myung Soo proved that he would be a terrible criminal.

The premise of the show is already fascinating – the members of “Infinite Challenge” try to hide themselves as well as they can within the city of Busan, while the Busan police force chase them using actual tracking tools such as their cell phone call logs and credit card usage. The citizens of Busan could also help by tipping the police using social media.


Park Myung Soo must have forgotten the power of the police force, as he buys a hamburger using his credit card, and tells the cashier of his plans of where to go next. He is apprehended without much difficulties.

Yoo Jae Suk is very good at evading the police; his experience in “Running Man” must have helped! Kwanghee is also quite good, almost walking on water and going through windows using the advantage of his slim body.

Who was your favorite character on this week’s episode?

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