10 Fierce Female Anthems From 2015

2015 was an explosive year for K-pop. With countless comebacks and collaborations dropping left and right, our music libraries have definitely expanded since the start of the year. Although we may be ending the year with softer ballads fit for the winter, we can’t start 2016 without first reflecting on the powerful songs that many female artists released this year.

So, in no particular order, here are 10 fierce female tracks that will no doubt stay on our minds (and our workout playlists) well into the new year.

CL – “Hello Bitches”

2NE1 leader and self-proclaimed “baddest female” CL starts us off with her solo track, “Hello Bitches.” The song not only serves as a powerful prelude to CL’s upcoming solo album, but it also boasts a dynamic collaboration with world-renowned choreographer Parris Goebel and her all-female ReQuest dance crew. Combine that with CL’s confident lyrics on top of a fiery beat, and you’ve got a timeless anthem fit for any occasion.

HyunA – “Roll Deep (feat. BTOB’s Ilhoon)”

4Minute rapper HyunA stuns with her latest solo single “Roll Deep.” Label-mate and BTOB rapper Ilhoon features on the track, but HyunA hikes the song up with its catchy chorus and lyrics that explain exactly why she’s the best in comparison to everyone else out there. HyunA’s overflowing confidence will always keep her music videos (and her songs) memorable.

EXID – “Ah Yeah”

A follow-up to last year’s late hit “Up & Down,” EXID takes it up a notch with “Ah Yeah.” The song is reminiscent of last year’s track in a way that gives it a familiar appeal, but its complex lyrics are really what make this song bold. With a music video making a direct play at censorship and make us think past the music video’s glamorous appearance, “Ah Yeah” is definitely a uniquely crafted anthem.

Girls’ Generation – “You Think”

Girls’ Generation gives us throwback “Run Devil Run” feels in this title track from their latest album. Veering away from the light-hearted and sugary sounds of “Party” and “Lion Heart,” this track is all about confronting a shady ex and proving that you’re even more confident without them. The ladies of Girls’ Generation don bold street outfits to complete the bad girl concept, and the choreography further proves why “You Think” is no doubt a daring anthem from the legendary K-pop heavyweight.

Jessi – “Ssenunni”

Former “Unpretty Rapstar” contestant and Lucky J member Jessi uses her iconic husky voice to her advantage in “Ssenunni.” The song boasts an intense hip-hop beat that complements Jessi’s voice well, and it’s hard not to feel like you’re ready to conquer the world when you listen to Jessi’s verses.

4Minute – “Crazy”

Definitely one of the most iconic comebacks of the year, 4Minute serves incredible looks and musical artistry with this title song from earlier in the year. “Crazy” is a dynamic blend of heart-pounding EDM and tough hip-hop, amped up by Parris Goebel’s extremely unique choreography. With lyrics all about being confident and having fun, this concept and song is definitely something that won’t be easy to forget.

Cheetah – “My Number”

Everything about “Unpretty Rapstar” winner Cheetah embodies confidence and independence, but nothing really shows it like her single, “My Number.” In it, Cheetah raps about possibly giving out her number, but only if the person fixes their attitude first. The track pairs Cheetah’s one-of-a-kind lyrical flow with an insanely addictive melody, and the music video shines with flashy visuals, dance crews, and even a few bright wigs. Cheetah being Cheetah is already enough to make for a fierce song, so we can definitely expect more great anthems like this from her in the new year.

miss A – “Love Song”

While “Love Song” wasn’t the girls’ title track, it still manages to capture our attentions with its subdued and sexy instrumental. Miss A shows us how to boldly approach a lover and tell them how you feel in this song — which is definitely something we can all relate (and dance) to.

Ailee – “Mind Your Own Business”

Ailee never disappoints when it comes to bold and energetic title songs. “Mind Your Business” is a lively tune complete with rich background instrumentals that highlight Ailee’s incredible vocal range. The song talks about arguing with a bad lover and having no regrets when calling off the relationship. Like most of Ailee’s title songs, this one definitely has an overarching theme of independence and not needing any lover to define who you are.

Yezi – “Crazy Dog”

Arguably one of the main standout tracks from “Unpretty Rapstar 2,” Fiestar rapper Yezi displays every ounce of her clever lyricism and fiery presence in her “Crazy Dog” track. The original version from the show is barely two minutes, but Yezi’s passion and delivery make up for the song’s short length. While there were two versions of this song featured on “Unpretty Rapstar 2” and an official version released ahead of Yezi’s solo debut, check out the first time she performed it above.

What are your favorite fierce female tracks from this year? Let us know in the comments!

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