AOA’s Seolhyun Is Full of Thanks After KBS Entertainment Awards

AOA‘s Seolhyun thanked everyone for supporting her role in the 2015 KBS Entertainment Awards through her Instagram account on December 27. She posted a picture of herself at the awards ceremony, along with a long letter of thanks.

In the comment following her picture, she said, “It was such an honor to be able to host such a huge event. Thank you for the Rookie of the Year award. I will work hard to live up to your expectations.”

She also thanked everyone around her, saying, “I want to thank everyone, and although I made mistakes, I was so thankful to Shin Dong Yup and Sung Si Kyung sunbaes for helping me. Also, thank you to my parents and my sister, as well as the members of AOA. And thank you to Ace of Elvis, who waited to see us in such cold weather! Thank you, and love you. Also, thank you to the reporters for such nice pictures.”

It’s such a long list of thanks, but so heartfelt, and so appropriate for the season of thanks! Best of luck to Seolhyun in 2016!

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