Netizens Tease Lee Kwang Soo and Kim Jong Kook Through SNS on “Running Man”

On the recent episode of “Running Man” on January 3, the members engaged in a SNS comment race.

During the show, the members play a game of bingo with food as the netizens call out specific food by commenting on the members’ SNS accounts.

When it’s Lee Kwang Soo‘s turn, the netizens call out a food that does not help his bingo chart. He says, “Why are people calling out food that doesn’t matter?” and seems disappointed in the netizens.

runningman 3

The netizens do the same for Kim Jong Kook, who says, “They’re not thinking straight. Why does it have to be this [food]?”

Lee Kwang Soo then adds, “I’m already full but there’s not a single row of bingo. Do they have something against me?”

running man 2

Catch up to the latest episode of “Running Man” here!

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