7 K-Pop Fan Meeting Disasters

Going to a fan meeting for the opportunity to meet your favorite idols face-to-face is every K-pop fan’s dream. Although most of these events go smoothly, disaster strikes occassionally. Whether through crazed “fans,” technical malfunctions, or poorly thought-out games, the fan meeting incidents below left attendees wanting.

AOA – Mina

aoa mina

At an AOA fan meeting in July, an attendee scolded Mina by insulting her singing, making her cry. The anti-fan told her, “A singer should be good at singing. Practice singing in the time you take care of your appearance, or I’ll post it on Facebook.” Although there is no video of the incident, a fancam taken a few minutes afterward shows the normally bubbly Mina looking rather dejected.

BTS – Rap Monster


During BTS’s Red Bullet US tour, the group held a concert in New York, with a Hi-touch fan meeting scheduled afterwards. However, during the concert, a Twitter user posted a photo of a gun, making a death threat against member Rap Monster.

Rap monster threat

Due to the threat, the entire Hi-touch event was canceled to ensure the safety of the group. After being contacted by the venue staff, the person who posted the tweets said they got hacked, then changed their story, saying it was just a prank.

To apologize for the abrupt cancellation, the BTS members uploaded photos and videos thanking fans for the concert. Although a lot of fans went home disappointed that day, the most important thing is that nobody was hurt.


In this hilarious fan meeting “incident,” 2PM meet their wildest fangirl, who goes crazy over each of the members. In fact, she’s so energetic that none of the members can stop smiling at her antics.

Seventeen – Joshua & Seungkwan


At a Seventeen fansigning in October, a video of a girl rudely throwing her albums at members before angrily storming away went viral. She took an album from Seungkwan and tossed it at Joshua, telling Seungkwan she was “done with him.” The two members, shocked at her actions, stared at her with their mouths wide open, unsure how to react.

The girl, who turned out to own a fansite for Joshua, later apologized, saying that she regretted her actions.

BTS – Jimin

BTS without Jimin

During a different BTS fan event, Jimin was rushed to the hospital after fainting onstage. The incident occurred when he held his breath for an extended period of time during a game, which caused his blood pressure to spike, making him suddenly lose consciousness and fall off the stage. Luckily, Jimin was unharmed, and Big Hit Entertainment released a statement explaining what happened. The member also tweeted to show that he was okay.

BTS Jimin

No videos of the incident have been uploaded, thanks to loyal BTS fans showing respect for Jimin.

GOT7 – Youngjae

GOT7 Young Jae firework

Sometimes fan event mishaps are caused by bad scheduling or crazy fans. In the case of GOT7’s Youngjae, a technical error had fans shocked and worried for the member’s well-being. While the group was dancing onstage to “A,” a stage firework exploded directly beneath Youngjae, hitting him. He stumbled to the back of the stage to recover, with Mark quickly following behind. Young Jae then dashed back up to the front of the stage to continue where he had left off: making hearts at fans.

Not long after, he posted a video of himself on Instagram, assuring fans he was unharmed.


B1A4 Malaysia

A major scandal at a B1A4 fan meeting in Malaysia led to the event organizers being banned from the country and nearly got the participants arrested. During the fan meeting, the members of the boy group reenacted drama scenes with members of the audience, which included hand-holding, hugging, and even forehead kisses. The girls apparently got too close to the members, which was a violation of the country’s religious codes.

Luckily, nobody ended up being prosecuted in the case.

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