Lee Kwang Soo Appears in US Toyota Commercial

Actor Lee Kwang Soo appears in the U.S. Toyota commercial.

On January 11, Toyota released a brand new RAV4 Hybrid commercial featuring Lee Kwang Soo on their official YouTube channel.

lee kwang soo-toyota

In the commercial, Lee Kwang Soo is seen driving a blue RAV4 through a rough terrain. Then he is racing in an obstacle course. The lively visual fits the young and active image of Lee Kwang Soo perfectly.

The U.S. Toyota corporation representative commented, “We contracted Korean actor Lee Kwang Soo as our model for the US market.”

The US Toyota corporation will release more commercials in the series via SNS featuring Lee Kwang Soo.

Click here to watch Lee Kwang Soo’s first Toyota commercial in the series.

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