Ailee Apologizes and Explains Her Behavior During SHINee’s Performance at the Seoul Music Awards

Singer Ailee took to her Instagram account to apologize and explain her behavior during SHINee‘s Performance at the 25th Seoul Music Awards.

Ailee wrote, “I’m really sorry about being on my phone during sunbae SHINee’s performance. “I wrote ‘SHINee’ as soon as I downloaded the app, but their performance was already over (tears). I also really support sunbae SHINee..Sincerely, the faint-hearted.”

Ailee was captured looking at her phone during SHINee’s performance, which judging from Ailee’s message, she feared she looked disrespectful. Ailee explains she was downloading the app that lets you show a message on the screen and she was going to use it to show her support for SHINee. However, the stage was over by the time she was able to write SHINee on the app. Ailee was seen using the app to show her support for BoA.

You can watch the performances here.

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