JYP Confirms TWICE’s Tzuyu’s Participation in Idol Athletic Championships, Denies It Received Offer to Buy Out Tzuyu’s Contract

JYP Entertainment reassures fans of TWICE‘s Tzuyu that the girl group member will be moving forward with her Korean activities as scheduled.

Specifically Tzuyu will be participating in the recording for the 2016 Idol Star Athletic Championships. JYP reveals, “She is currently rehearsing.”

The agency also denies rumors that a Taiwanese magazine publishing company, Jusky, offered to buy out Tzuyu’s contract from JYP for 100 million New Taiwanese Dollars (approximately $3 million). The agency said, “It’s untrue. We haven’t even heard of that magazine company.”

TWICE, Tzuyu, and JYP have been the center of controversy regarding the girl group member’s nationality when Taiwanese singer Huang An, who opposes Taiwanese independence from China, described Tzuyu as a Taiwanese independence supporter after seeing her hold the Taiwanese flag to show her nationality the the internet broadcast/ variety show “My Little Television. With the Taiwanese presidential elections taking place, the issue of Tzuyu’s nationality became more and more controversial with Taiwanese and Chinese netizens, politicians, and media taking sides. Since then, Tzuyu, TWICE, and 2PM have had their activities in China affected, JYP, Tzuyu, and Park Jin Young, head of JYP, apologized to China, and the JYP website was attacked by hackers who did not like the fact that Tzuyu apologized.

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Photo credits: Star Daily News