16 K-Pop Songs That Will Hit You Right in the Feels After a Breakup

Breaking up is never easy and when words seem to fail, we turn to music. Music has this magical ability not only to empathize with our feelings, but give us the chance to project what’s going inside us for others to see. Whether it’s anger, sadness, frustration, or regret, these 16 songs, in no particular order, take different perspectives of heartbreak and can help us cope with whatever inner turmoil we may be feeling. Plus, a little eye candy never hurt anyone and in these music videos, we can be sure that one of these idols will bring (even if it’s a faint one) a smile to our faces.

1. SPICA – “Doggedly”

The lyrics represent the message that cutting bad habits — and a bad love — is never easy, but necessary.

2. INFINITE – “Paradise”

The paradise INFINITE refers to in the lyrics here is how time spent with “her” is their version of heaven on earth, and without her, there is no heaven anymore.

3. DAY6 – “Congratulations”

This one’s for all those with broken hearts, whose exes moved on without giving them a chance to try again. The title represents a loaded “Congratulations” that we’d like to tell them when we see that they’ve already found someone else. DAY6 gives us an explosion of feels, ranging from hurt to anger to sass all in one song.

4. Shinhwa – “Hurts”

After a four-year hiatus due to their national duties, Shinhwa returned with this emotionally powerful ballad that puts the pain of letting someone go into words. More specifically, they sing about the realization that sometimes letting someone go is the only option we have, and yes it’s going to hurt, but it’s unavoidable.

5. BIGBANG – “Haru Haru”

The music video’s story line alone has been known to move viewers to tears, perhaps because it is the perfect farewell anthem to any relationship. “Haru Haru” embodies the exact amounts of frustration, anguish, and even hope we feel going through a break up.

6. Davichi – “It’s Okay, It’s Love”

A beautiful ballad track belonging to the OST of “It’s Okay, That’s Love,” this song perfectly matched the drama, which made watchers re-examine love and the sacrifices it comes with. Although the lyrics of the song focus on loving someone no matter what, they can also be interpreted to mean love is worth it; even with the pain that comes with it.

7. VIXX LR – “Beautiful Liar”

“Beautiful Liar” summarizes the torment we put ourselves through when debating whether we should let go of someone. Leo and Ravi, representing the lies and truths we tell ourselves and others, represent our inner conflicts.

8. Ailee – “I Will Show You”

What starts out as a somber ballad from this powerhouse vocal quickly escalates to a theme song for all those out there who want to show that they’re so much better off post-breakup.

9. Tablo ft. Taeyang – “Tomorrow”

Tablo is frequently referred to a lyrical savant. His eye-opening, realistic, and pain-stricken words in “Tomorrow” are a true testimony to his talent and how much emotion he puts into his work. In this case, the lyrics summarize the grieving process of the loss of love.

10. Baek Ji Young – “Don’t Forget”

Sung by OST queen Baek Ji Young, the song “Don’t Forget” was originally released for the drama “IRIS,” and is a song that reminisces on past relationships.

11. BEAST – “Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No)”

What a sad favor to ask of another person. In this song, BEAST asks a friend to take care of their ex-girlfriend after they begin dating. The contrasting title of the song explains the internal debate we face when we see an ex move on.

12. Jisun – “What Should I Do”

Naturally, feelings of despair and agony are going to appear when breaking up with a significant other. Being at a loss for words is no surprise and “What Should I Do” asks the questions we may be scared to ask ourselves. This song reminds us to take a deep breath and take a second to let the moment sink in.

13. G-Dragon – “That XX”

G-Dragon brings up an important point that we all forget during a breakup: we are always loved even when we don’t know it. His lyrics, “they say love is blind, oh baby you’re so blind,” bring us back to reality and remind us that love can blind us.

14. g.o.d – “Lies”

The lyrics of this song embody the internal war between doing what you feel you have to do and what you desperately want to do.

15. 2NE1 – “Lonely”

The lyrics really hit home, as they paint a realistic picture, and remind us that some relationships just naturally fall apart. “Lonely” tells us to say our goodbyes to those unsatisfying relationships that are unable to fill that empty void we find ourselves in.

16. miss A – “I Don’t Need a Man”

The title of the song says it all! Turn all ill feelings toward exes into confidence and stand proud.

What songs have helped you cope with a break up? Let us know in the comments below!

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