iKON Wins No.1 on “M!Countdown” Again With “Dumb and Dumber”

iKON grabs the first win again for “Dumb&Dumber” on this week’s “M!Countdown.” They also won last week.

The other nominee for this week’s No.1 song was Shin Hye Sung with “Roco Drama.”

iKON was absent from today’s live broadcast due to attending the 30th Golden Disk Awards. The group promised to upload and a teary selfie if they win number one.

Congratulations to iKON!

This week’s “M!Countdown” featured performances by iKON, Shin Hye Sung, Dal Shabet, Lucky J, LABOUM, Nop.K, Road Boyz, B.I.G, Stellar, Cross Gene, Teen Top, Purfles, and Flashe.

iKON – “Dumb & Dumber”