Zico Opens Up About His Celebrity Crushes and Love Life

Zico‘s high standards aren’t limited to his music.

On the latest episode of MBC talk show “Radio Star,” fellow guest Jung Joon Young reveals that Block B‘s leader is quite particular about his women too.

“Zico is really popular with girls but doesn’t easily give his heart because he is particular,” Jung Joon Young says. “Instead of getting a girlfriend, he has unrequited crushes on people.”

Zico confirms this, revealing that he has been rejected twice, both by celebrities.

Jung Joon Young also brings up Zico’s long-time crush on actress Moon Chae Won. “Zico has been asking me to introduce him to Moon Chae Won for the past three years,” Jung Joon Young says.

Block B Zico2

Jung Joon Young, who is known to be close with Moon Chae Won, shares that whenever he tells Zico he’s eating with Moon Chae Won, Zico lets him know how much he likes Moon Chae Won.

“So why don’t you invite me [to these meals]?” Zico asks Jung Joon Young, to which he responds, “Well, you didn’t invite me when you ate with Lee Sung Kyung.”

Block B Zico

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